Welcome to the Blueberry 3D-desktop page. The Blueberry desktop project is made using Delphi, it's main purpose is a 3D OPENGL engine in replacement of Windows desktop (yes, it's possible!), but it will mostly be used as a learning tool. These are the topics covered by this project:

Some of you people are going to say: "Why does this guy is using Delphi to render OpenGL? It's better with C++!" To this question, I'll answer: Ok, how is C++ then Delphi, huh? Delphi is faster to develop, maintain and deploy. And anyway, OpenGL is OpenGL...

Here is a list of features that are currently cooking in the kitchen :

If this project isn't getting any interest by people, I don't care.
For my personal knowledge, it will be enough.
As mentioned above, it will be mostly used to LEARN...

David Caouette, Province of Quebec, Canada. 2003 ;).
To send comments, suggestions, etc.

N.B: All e-mails that don't include "BLUEBERRY -" at the beginning of the subject line are AUTOMATICALLY deleted.
So don't forget it!!! :)

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