This is THE site to learn about OpenGL with Delphi. A HUGE amount of tutorials, source code and examples to download. Also the founder of Quake2Delphi project.

And as his mentor Jan Horn (the founder), Maarten "McClaw" Kronberger is a real nice guy.

Duh! :)

This is a good site, but almost each demo requires a GeForce to run. :( I know that GeForce is a very excellent video card, but some people don't have money to put on a new video card. But the demos are interesting.

GAMETUTORIALS.COM - Game programming with personnality

One of the best sites ever!!! Great tutorials from Ben "DigiBen" Humphrey, lot of code and demos to download!!!

Excellent site, but it's in german. You can use or to translate it. There are some good demos to download.

This is XPde Desktop Environment. I committed to this project a few months ago, but since my Linux HD crashed, I had to retire from the project. :(
You'll say that it doesn't link with OpenGL, but it doesn't matter, XPde is very useful for Linux newbies.

I found it while surfing the net some some ways to render textures from windows, and I found this site. I DIDN'T COPY THEIR IDEA.
In fact, this is just a coincidence that I had a similar idea to them, the difference lays on the platform: 3DWM for Linux and Blueberry for Windows.

I found this site while trying if some bots like Google and Altavista added the Blueberry website. I was amazed to see that the name is almost the same than their one.
This is (also) just a coincidence, but their engine seem very powerful. It's a swedish product.