The Blueberry 3-D Desktop project has been in hibernation for the last year. I wasn't decided to shut it down definitely. The lack of 3-D resources (modelist, texturers, etc...) brought me to the decision that Blueberry 3-D Desktop should to be shut down. THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE BLUEBERRY PROJECT IS TO GET SOME PEOPLE TO WORK ON IT... Any appliances are welcomed. If no appliances are done until 2005 August 1st, the web site and the project will be removed and request will be made to SourceForge to close that account.


11 October 03 New Screenshots Adam Woods
It's been a while since the last update, but we've now got some new screenshots for you to check out our latest developments. Check them out here.

21 August 03 New Member to the Team! Adam Woods
We all welcome Nassim, or "Ben" to the team! Check his bio and details out on the Meet the Team page. We welcome any new members, and that means YOU. If you'd like to help, please contact David Caouette to join the team. If you've got any experience with Pascal, Win32, or Texture Designing, We'd love to have you onboard.

1 August 03 New Website! Adam Woods
Congratulations guys, you get to look at something a little more interesting than the old text-based website. I enjoyed making it!

24 July 03 Work Paused David Caouette
It's been a while I haven't updated the website, but it's due to lack of time. Blueberry 3D-Desktop is looking for people with some skills (no need to be expert) in 3D Modelling, Win32 API Programming, OpenGL Programming and/or Texture Designing. Any help is appreciated!

30 May 03 New release available! David Caouette
Blueberry 3D-Desktop new version is available!!! Featuring:
  • Collision management
  • Whole new map (still bad textured)
  • Enhanced HUD
  • ORBS that warp you to the chosen FEATURE
  • No great features for now. Only a test DLL for Input and Local Settings is in the release.
  • Including the Reboot, Shutdown, Logoff and StandBy mode features (Which work now under NT-based platforms!!!)

  • 29 May 03 New release soon... David Caouette
    New release tomorrow!!! Stay tuned. There will be some instructions in the README.TXT file that explain how to operate this software. Matthew Badeau left the team for unknown reasons. No problems with that, it's surely good reasons.

    25 May 03 New screenshots and our textures! David Caouette
    There are now screenshots of the future release of blueberry!!! Now with improved HUD, new map and collision management. We're actually moving all the stuff into Blueberry, the calendar and clock are now moved, we'll port the wooden doors, sliding doors, orbs, wormhole, all stunning stuff will be there in the next release. I know that the textures are ugly, that why we need a second texture designer, because Aneuryzm had problems with his scanner and webcam, so he won't be able to do textures for a LONG time. :( So, all texture designers and 3D modellers are welcomed...

    [Ed: McDonalds doesn't pay me enough to buy a new cam/scanner...]

    6 May 03 New team member! David Caouette
    Please welcome Maarten "McClaw" Kronberger, webmaster of Sulaco. Very nice guy, was former consultant on Blueberry before officially joining the team. Look in Meet the team for bio. He's the guy who taught all the basic of OpenGL to me and Snake.

    5 May 03 Website Enhancement Poll David Caouette
    I'm actually wondering why there are so many visits and so few of comments. I'd like some feedback from you, folks. I'm actually making a poll on a feature to add to website. "WOULD YOU LIKE BLUEBERRY TO HAVE MAILING LIST?" Click on davidcaouette@hotmail.com to send your answer. DON'T FORGET TO KEEP THE SUBJECT LINE!

    4 May 03 New Screenshot David Caouette
    Aaaaahhh, I know, I know, I didn't put any screenshot for the last weeks. It's all due to the 3D-engine refurbishing. If you take a look in the SCREENSHOTS section, you'll see at the bottom a render of the NEW map that will be used for Blueberry. You'll notice that there are several changes to this map, like outer corridors, a plenty of rooms...
       The rooms of west and east will be used for management purposes. Each small room will have glass sliding doors and inside each room, you'll have colored orbs that will warp you through a wormhole and brings you to another room, related to the corresponding management feature.
    Among those features: Hardware management, Software Management, Multimedia and Gaming, Networking and Internet, Maze-like file explorer, Fonts, Printers, Input and Local Settings. PHEW!
       If you want to have an idea of the wormhole effect, take a look in Downloads section. By the way, I got rid of the two first releases. Only the last release will remain on the server.

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